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Investing In Chicago’s Future

The Lofty Family is a convergence of Chicago’s best founders and resources backed by the Lofty Ventures team.

With Chicago Founders
Led by Underrepresented Founders
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What Our Founders Think

“I loved being introduced to the “women of Lofty” when Chris committed to sponsoring someone from the portfolio companies for the Bonfire cohort. It was a great night to see all of the ways that Lofty has been curating a kickass group of women. All Chris had to do was a 60 second intro, and I’m pretty sure we didn’t give him back the “mic” for an hour.”

Suzanne MuchinBOONFIRE

“Chris has always been teaBOT's biggest fan! 2020 was a rough year for our business, but it was made infinitely better by the support of the Lofty family and Chris's boundless enthusiasm! I know 2021 will be great as we've spent the "downtime" improving and building our product!”

Rehman MeraliteaBOT

“From my first chat with Chris, it was clear that he has an exceptional ability to connect with founders on a human level. He sees and cares about the people behind the business, which means a lot to me. Because of that philosophy, he invests early and with conviction. This validation at such an early stage in our journey meant so much to our entire team at IndiFit.”

Cheryl KempIndiFit

“I still remember that you chose to invest in Cubii at a time when we weren't getting a lot of love from angel investors. For this, we will be forever grateful! The returns are great, but that is only a sliver of our gratitude. I still remember having lunch with you at Brunch, and you had mentioned that Cubii's exit could be enough to pay for the entire fund! At the time, I didn't know how it would happen, but I'm humbled now. And the best part- I'm so happy to hear that the funds will be used to further invest in the Chicago ecosystem. That is so touching and makes our outcome so much more meaningful!”

Arnav DalmiaCubii

If the biggest value a founder received from Lofty was the money we invested, then we believe we have failed.

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