Happy healthy moments.

These are the three words that set the foundation for Zenblen’s vision.

Like a lot of people, our team found it difficult to juggle healthy eating and trying to routinely exercise on a busy work schedule. Between long meetings, travel days, and additional commitments, we often don’t have the time to make healthy choices.

That is why we set out to create Zenblen – a network of tech-enabled smoothie bars. We provide the option to fuel your body with a fresh and healthy smoothie that’s made right in front of you.


Tom Xinyuan Zhang

Co-founder / CEO

TTom is our Co-Founder and CEO. What started out as a daily protein shake for over eight years has evolved into the inspiration for Zenblen's smoothie portfolio. Tom previously worked as a strategy consultant, where he leveraged data driven recommendations to help clients grow their businesses. More importantly, Tom started the office tradition of Smoothie Fridays. Tom holds a B.A. in Economics from the University of Chicago.

Stephanie Mellinger

Co-founder / Head of Marketing and Sales

Stephanie is our Co-Founder and Head of Marketing and Sales. She joins the team having worked in Marketing & Sales at multiple Fortune 500 companies, gaining experience that helps her drive company growth. She also played rugby for over six years and has her Personal Training Certification. Fitness and health are always at the top of her mind as she usually starts her day leading a group fitness class or two! Stephanie received her B.S. in Marketing from Ferris State University with a minor in Spanish.