TruePublic is an opinion platform where you can anonymously ask, answer and search for questions to see how you compare to others.

TruePublic believes in a world of honest expression and transparency. We are helping create a world where employees feel heard, valued, and connected. Our software is helping companies retain employees by supporting great company culture.


Kaben Clauson

Co-founder / CEO

Arsen Gevorgyan

Co-founder / COO

Ruben Dilanyan

Co-founder / CTO

I am the CTO and a Lead Backend Engineer of TruePublic, an anonymous polling platform based in Chicago, IL.

Prior to that I have been the Lead Software Architect and, starting from 2013, the CTO of SFL LLC, a software engineering company in Yerevan, Armenia. I have been involved in all the stages of growing the company from 4 people to over 120 employees. I also led SFL’s move to Java/Kotlin tech stack, initiated and oversaw the major tech procedures.