teaBOTTM is creating a retail platform for customized grab-and go tea. Our robotic kiosks allow you to order a custom cup of loose-leaf tea and share your blends at the touch of a button. Customers control features on the touch screen or their smartphone and walk away with a personalized cup of tea in under a minute. Whether experimenting with new flavors, reordering a favorite, or trying a friend’s blend, teaBOTTM simplifies tea blending and speeds up the tea serving process. After talking to tea enthusiasts, we found that many tea drinkers love the idea of making their own blends but find it too tedious, expensive, or risky to do this at home. We decided to make this easier for everyone by building a robot that blends tea. After trying out different blends, customers can pick their favorites and order a pouch for home.


Rehman Merali


Rehman has a Mechatronics Engineering degree from the University of Waterloo and is completing his PhD in Aerospace Robotics at the University of Toronto. He leads the software, electrical and mechanical engineering of teaBOTTM. Rehman loves anything robotics and spends more time than he admits watching machines move.