Built for the unique and complex needs of service providers in spaces such as commercial cleaning, Route is the only walkthrough, bidding and job proposal software that brings together the essentials of the sales process in one cross platform solution.

Featuring a robust web portal and a mobile app with offline capabilities, Route is fundamentally changing the game for service providers with tools never before seen by the industry that transform the way companies sell.

Walkthrough Builderâ„¢ collects and organizes the scope of work in real time while you’re actually in the prospect’s space. After reviewing the information, calculate a bid with Route’s Estimator and generate a Proposal supercharged by custom templates, personalization, and automation that bring you and your team unprecedented visibility, growth, and productivity.


Ricardo Regalado

Co-founder / CEO

I am a Serial Entrepreneur, Starting 3 companies now and a partner in a 4th. I have over 15 years of experience in the Sales, Marketing and Brand Management in various industries such as Cleaning service, Real Estate, Finance and Apparel and Textile screen printing industries. I have an Entrepreneurial mind and use that type of approach in everything I do. All of my experiences and responsibilities have helped develop my skills and talents in order to become a "Jack of all Trades." This allows me to offer a variety of different skill sets and a wealth of knowledge on many different types of products and industries. Networking has become a very big part of my life and I engage in it on a daily basis, no matter where I am. I find it easy to talk about trends, products, business, passions and everyday life issues. It becomes second nature to me, which I believe is such a valuable asset to my company and to offer a specific client.

Joe Grotto