ounded in May 2020 and based in Chicago, IL, ReloShare has the primary goal of transforming the fragmented corporate housing industry with technological innovation. We are the first true corporate housing platform that will offer instant booking, real time availability and sourcing, and a true marketplace for furnished apartments.

We are here to establish a real-time corporate housing highway system, connecting the dots between 100s of independent providers and their clients. ReloShare turns the cumbersome process that’s currently measured in days, into an easy process that’s measured in minutes via real-time instant booking.

Whether you are a corporate housing supplier or a client that is looking for housing, we are your quick solution locating the best furnished apartments in each respective city.


Matt Singley

Founder / CEO

I like having fun, working hard, and helping people. For me, having the opportunity to work on new and exciting projects is one of the most important parts of any career path. Every system, process, or industry can be improved, and I typically aim to do just that. Currently, I’m the managing director/co-founder of Pinnacle Furnished Suites (a corporate housing company), Co-Owner of Chicagoland Property Group (a residential brokerage), Owner of Just Clean It (residential cleaning company), and Co-owner of Bengley Investments, LLC (real estate investment and management company).

Although I have various duties and responsibilities, my favorite work is in improving operational efficiency, industry market efficiency, and reducing/eliminating medial, repetitive, and unfulfilling tasks for our staff and industry. The hours wasted by most companies on tasks that can easily be automated with no customer service degradation continue to amaze me even in today’s fast-paced and constantly improving environment.