Paladin helps legal teams run more efficient pro bono programs while increasing access to justice. We work with Fortune 500s, law firms, law schools, and bar associations to staff, manage, and track pro bono work, and visualize their impact, on a centralized dashboard.


Felicity Conrad

Co-founder / CEO

In 2012, I took on a pro bono asylum case that changed my life, and began Paladin's mission to build critical technology infrastructure to increase access to justice. Right now 86% of low-income Americans never get the legal help they need, yet pro bono is a fast-growing tool to help bridge that gap. Paladin's mission is to help law firms, corporations, law schools and legal service organizations streamline their pro bono programs, and ultimately serve more clients in need.

Kristen Sonday

Co-founder / COO

As co-founder and COO of Paladin, I'm responsible for operations management and business development in helping mobilize the United States's 1.3 million attorneys to increase access to justice through the power of pro bono. We're thrilled to be building a global pro bono network that helps legal teams run more efficient pro bono programs through a centralized platform that staffs, manages, tracks, and visualizes impact.