Havoc Shield is an all-in-one information security platform that includes everything a growing team needs to secure their remote workforce.

Your cyber perimeter is growing. You have more employees working from home than ever before, in an environment that blurs the boundary between corporate and personal. As your exposure increases to consumer-grade routers, mixed-use home networks, and the growing probability that some personal tasks occur on company-issued hardware, you need a way to understand and address the associated risks.

Havoc Shield guards your growing cyber perimeter from the new threat landscape, even if your company lacks the internal cybersecurity bandwidth or expertise to craft and implement policies on your own. This threat landscape is too urgent to bear the risk of waiting for a day when adequate internal cybersecurity resources become available to fully manage your own cybersecurity program.


Brian Fritton

Co-founder / CEO

I am a challenge-driven autodidact, software architect, and technologist with more than a decade of entrepreneurial experience, wide business perspective and expert-level development and information architecture skills. Through a progression of both technical and business acumen since starting a 100+ client web development business, I’ve honed execution and leadership skills. I now lead both technical and non-technical teams to build products that scale and flex with the organization while consistently wowing users. I’ve built products and led both small and large teams in companies with prestigious credentials such as Fortune 500 Fastest Growing Companies, the Inc. 5000 List, Entrepreneur’s 100 Most Brilliant Companies, and more. My experience in firms of various sizes and cultures lends itself to the creation of high quality technical products, fast-paced development, sound infrastructure and an ability to both set and translate needs strategically.

Phil Leslie


Ambitious executive with experience leading two early-stage technology firms to exits in the past decade. Growth experience managing in bootstrapped, angel-backed, venture-backed, and private-equity backed firms across multiple geographies. Experience selling into a variety of functions, industries, and company sizes. Experience attracting both strategic and financial acquirers.