GGLeagues was founded in 2018 with the simple idea that all gamers should get an opportunity to compete at the games that they love. Whether you are looking to go pro, play varsity or just have a good time competing, you have to start your journey somewhere and we built GGLeagues to be that start. Recreational esports is something anyone, anywhere, with any skill level should be able to play in and here at GGLeagues, it’s our mission to make that come true.


Erich Bao


Kevin O'Brien

Founder / COO

Kevin is the current Chief Operating Officer for GGLeagues. Kevin previously led the esports division at DePaul University as the Executive Director of the Esports Student Leadership Board with an intent focus on market research, thought leadership, and student enrichment. Kevin started the Esports Student Leadership Board at DePaul University with one goal in mind: To raise awareness of the esports and gaming industry so students can become the next generation of industry leaders. His goal is not to create the next professional team, but to allow every student the opportunity to learn about how they can apply their degree to the gaming and esports industry.

Kevin began his career in the hospitality industry, and has gotten his degree at DePaul University in Finance. With his expertise in business and finance, Kevin specializes in market research and analyzing esports market trends. He has the ability to sift through the noise, see the trends emerging in the industry, and determine what is needed to reach the target audience. He is passionate about problem-solving, relationship building, and supporting the growth of the esports industry. He knows the esports industry will not succeed if we don’t work together, and he is excited about helping shape the future of esports.